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Louisiana - Emergency Rule 32 & 33

Effective February 8, 2017, the Louisiana Department of Insurance adopted Emergency Rule 32 which extends the effective dates of Emergency Rule 28, that became effective August 12, 2016, and Rule 30, that became effective October 13, 2016. The rule requires commercial and residential property insurance companies to give policyholders in 26 parishes affected by the historic flooding more time to make repairs. Rule 32 also requires insurers to suspend application of the cancellation or non-renewal laws or regulations based on a material change in risk. The rule will remain effective through May 10, 2017. Read Rule 32 here.


Due to the State of Emergency and the historic flooding in parts of Louisiana, the Commissioner of Insurance is promulgating Emergency Rule 33. This rule maintains and continues in effect the provisions of Emergency Rule 28 that became effective August 12, 2016 and was extended through Emergency Rule 30 that became effective October 13, 2016, and Emergency Rule 32 which became effective February 10, 2017. Emergency Rule 33 shall become effective on May 11, 2017 and it will remain effective through August 14, 2017.

To view Emergency Rule 33, please click here.