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2017 TRIA Data Collection (Federal)

Under Section 111 of Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2015 the Treasury is collecting data relating to the effectiveness of the Program, which it will use in connection with the reports that it must submit to Congress during the period the Program remains in effect.  The Treasury previously published for comment four separate templates for the collection of data, for insurers that fall within Treasury’s “small insurer” definition, for larger insurers that are not within that definition, for alien surplus lines insurers, and for captive insurers. 

Data collection in 2017 will be mandatory for insurers that participate in the Program. All insurers must report by jurisdiction the direct earned premium and the exposure bases for each TRIA eligible line that they write and their national reinsurance information by May 15th. The balance of the information on the other templates excluding the Small Insurer Class will be due on October 1. For example, an insurer falling into the "Non-Small Group" will be able to submit the policyholder industry code data and the geographic exposure information on October 1 versus May 15.  A link to the data collection portal and all templates for 2017 is below: