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Missouri Insurance Department Issues Bulletin 17-04 – Assistance to Missouri Residents Impacted by Flooding

The Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration (“Department”) has issued Bulletin 17-04 (link below) to assist individuals and entities regulated by the Department to address the flooding in Missouri.

A State of Emergency was declared by the Governor in Executive Order 17-13 (link below), in response the Missouri Department of Insurance has issued Bulletin 17-04 requesting all insurers licensed in Missouri allow coverage to remain in effect for any Missourian who resides in a county where severe flooding has occurred and who has had their ability to timely act or respond to an insurer materially affected by the flood. Insurers should also consider providing a grace period during which impacted Missourians can take actions necessary to keep their policies in force.


Bulletin 17-04
Executive Order 17-13 (link below)