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Associate Members

For info on becoming an AAIS associate member, contact membership@aaisonline.com.















Reinsurers, software vendors, and other service providers who support AAIS member companies can have access to AAIS information resources and marketing opportunities by becoming associate members of AAIS.

AAIS associate membership provides several key benefits:

  • Access to forms, manuals, bulletins, and educational materials through the AAISdirect Internet service. This helps associate members support their AAIS clients more quickly and efficiently. They can have what they need, when they need it.
  • Promotional opportunities in a range of AAIS communications, including press releases, Viewpoint magazine, www.AAISonline.com, the AAIS Main Event conference, and the AAIS Advisory e-mail newsletter.
  • Participation in AAIS web-based seminars.

In particular, associate members receive one full-page, four-color ad per year in Viewpoint, plus one registration for the Main Event, as part of their associate membership.

Associate members are considered "first in line" to submit by-lined columns to Viewpoint, and are allowed to display their company literature at the Main Event--without the hassle and expense of typical meeting exhibits.


According to one of our members, access to AAISdirect has resulted in “substantial improvements in efficiency and timeliness to both our company and clients who use AAIS materials.

“From our perspective, improved productivity and reduced expenses are valuable benefits of using AAISdirect. We applaud AAIS efforts to make all their materials easily accessible and immediately available.”

At Gen Re, underwriter Laura Allison also finds that having access to forms and manuals on AAISdirect “allows us to support our clients better. It alleviates the need for them to download material and send it to me.

“We also use AAISdirect for general research on emerging issues as well as day-to-day questions,” Allison adds. “Access to this information enables us to stay current with the programs our clients are using so that we can serve them more efficiently and effectively.”

Access to AAISdirect helps software vendors and reinsurers support AAIS affiliates more quickly and efficiently. If an insurance company tells its software vendor that it needs an updated version of a revised form or manual, the vendor, if an associate member, can download it directly from AAISdirect.

This streamlined process enhances the vendor’s speed, efficiency, and productivity in serving clients. The software vendor doesn’t have to be the last to know anymore.

A Unique Market

Associate membership is also a valuable way for companies to reach the unique market of regional and specialty insurers, as well as departments of major national carriers.

Some companies regard the marketing opportunities of AAIS associate membership to be as valuable as access to AAISdirect, They value the increased exposure to nearly 2,000 P/C organizations that receive AAIS communications.”