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John Kadous, CPCU, CPM, Vice President, Personal Lines

"To be competitive and profitable in today's P/C market, it is essential to have products that evolve to meet customer needs. AAIS is committed to maintaining innovative programs that give our member companies the flexible product base they need to be responsive to the changing needs of their markets and customers.

"We do this by ensuring our team of experienced insurance product specialists thoroughly understand the P/C market and its challenges, develop new coverage solutions for complex issues, provide rating alternatives, such as our Homeowners By-Peril Rating Plan, and technology solutions, such as our AAIS Underwriting Platform.

"At AAIS we have a long history of listening to the needs of our affiliates and designing solutions that respond to ever-changing demands arising from trends in society, business, technology, law, regulation, and the insurance market.

"Our product managers know our customers and understand their unique challenges. Our staff members are directly accessible by phone and email, and we look forward to hearing from you."

In addition to being vice president of personal lines, John is also chairman of AAIS's product development governance committee.

Before coming to AAIS in March 2014, John had more than 26 years of experience in insurance, including 13 years with GEICO and nearly 12 years as an underwriting and product management director with USAA. John earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Iowa and an MBA from Regis University. He holds a designation as a certified product manager from the Association of International Product Marketing and Management, as well as his CPCU designation.

More than 700 property/casualty insurers rely on AAIS for policy forms, manual rules, and rating information as the basis of the products they sell to consumers, businesses, and other organizations.

AAIS develops and maintains these essential components of a product for more than 34 programs of personal, commercial, agricultural, and inland marine insurance.

Our customers know they can count on AAIS to maintain programs that are competitive and compliant, so they can concentrate on marketing, underwriting, and claims administration.

They have seen how AAIS has led the industry in several key areas:

  • Developing and filing by-peril rating for homeowners insurance;
  • Creating innovative programs specifically designed for writing and rating the growing diversity of farm and agricultural risks;
  • Expanding the scope and enhancing the precision of inland marine and output insurance; and
  • Developing new coverages and addressing emerging exposures in property and liability insurance.

Program Components

AAIS programs provide insurers with the essential components of an insurance product:

  • Base forms and endorsement options, updated to address new exposures and market opportunities;
  • State amendatory endorsements, continually updated to assure compliance;
  • Manual rules for adding endorsements and implementing rating procedures; and
  • Loss cost rating information, plus rating factors and procedures in various lines to reflect loss experience, age of systems, and other rating considerations.

Filing authorization service is available for almost all programs at no additional cost.

Underwriting Platform

In 2013, AAIS has introduced its Underwriting Platform, a cloud-based application for rating and quoting policies based on AAIS programs, and for collecting the data generated in those transactions.  

To date, "UP" has been deployed to support the Commercial Output Program and four classes of the Inland Marine Guide, and is currently being extended to support our Homeowners By-Peril Rating Plan

Eventually, UP will be deployed to support all AAIS programs.

The AAIS approach

At AAIS, we believe we do our job when we make it easy for our customers to do theirs.

  • Our programs are structured to be customized easily for unique company needs.
  • Our policy forms are designed to be packaged with other AAIS or non-AAIS forms, so companies can readily choose the best combinations for insureds.
  • The coverage provided under our forms can be readily adapted to a diverse range of risks within a market, as most programs include alternative forms for the policy base.
  • Beyond that, AAIS programs provide dozens of endorsement options for modifying coverage.
  • The rating procedures and other features of our program manuals are designed to make it easy to integrate them into company operations.

Insurance companies seeking more information on AAIS products and services can contact membership@aaisonline.com, by completing our contact form or by calling 800.564.AAIS x3289.

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