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The AAISdirect online service delivers the full value of your AAIS affiliation. You get fast, easy access to all product information including forms, manuals, bulletins, rating information (Excel and XML data sets), rating worksheets, sample declarations and disclosures, and the AAIS Compliance Guide.

Intuitive Navigation
AAISdirect's main menu has an intuitive structure that allows you to access the product or service you need quickly. Each line of insurance has a home page that provides immediate access to all of the materials for that line.

Advanced Search Tools
The search engine allows for quick searching by text or publication number from anywhere in the site. A new advanced publication search provides the flexibility to search by a variety of criteria. You may conduct a search using exact words or phrases; you may use thesaurus searches, or exclude words from your search. You may choose to search the text within documents as well.

Quick Search
The Quick Search allows for immediate browsing of your specific lines of insurance, states, and publication type from anywhere within the site. You can search Bulletins by a defined time period or enter custom dates to find the materials you need.

Publication Detail Preview
The "publication details" page allows you to preview the publication in your browser prior to downloading. You may also view subscription information for the publication to see other lines or states for which the publication is filed.

Download Cart
Documents may be added to the download cart with one click. When you download your cart each publication and all of its document types are packaged in their own directory for easy organization.

State Filter
When you want to filter your browsing to one state, use the new state filter from a line home page. This feature directs you to the forms, endorsements, and manual editions for that state and line of insurance immediately.

AAISalliance portal

AAISdirect also provides a portal for AAIS member insurers to access information provided by organizations in the AAISalliance of service vendors.

To create the alliance, AAIS has brought together valuable underwriting, marketing, and loss control resources that supplement the forms and rating information developed by AAIS. Insurers affiliated with AAIS can access these services at discounted rates negotiated by AAIS on their behalf.

Insurance companies seeking more information on AAIS products and services can contact membership@aaisonline.com, by completing our contact form or by calling 800.564.AAIS x3289.

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