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Robin Westcott, vice president of government affairs

AAIS’s commitment to compliance starts at the top with Robin Westcott, our vice president of government affairs. Robin leads our effort to maintain regular, direct communication with state insurance departments, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), and agencies of the federal government.

An attorney with nearly 20 years’ experience as a regulator in Florida, and still based in Tallahassee, Robin is well-positioned to represent AAIS and its member companies in one of the nation’s most challenging insurance markets.

“Our role is to maintain contacts on with state regulators and agencies of the federal government. We are the team that opens doors and maintains connections so that product compliance works smoothly for our member companies. We certainly want to make sure that our filings are being reviewed in a timely manner, but we also want to play an integral role in policy discussions at the NAIC, within trade associations, and within other organizations."

“The leadership team here at AAIS is looking to be creative and innovative. They are looking to expand and implement new ideas to help our member insurers. For me, that means being on the cusp of new developments, whether on the state or federal level, or in product development. I’m anxious to be part of that, and to be a part of this team.”

Robin is an attorney who spent more than 19 years in insurance-related regulatory positions in Florida, most recently as the state’s consumer insurance advocate, before joining AAIS in 2013.

As any insurer knows, insurance products are subject to an ever-growing number of regulatory requirements.

Companies that use AAIS programs can be confident that AAIS forms and manuals are kept up to date and fully compliant with the latest laws and regulations.

That’s because our programs are supported by a team of government affairs and product compliance specialists dedicated to monitoring laws and regulations on forms and rates in 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Joanne Burns, government affairs analyst, is based in southern California. In addition to her role in monitoring regulation, Joanne represents AAIS at the Los Angeles office of the California Department of Insurance.

Joanne’s primary role is to monitor the steady stream of regulatory initiatives that emerge from state legislatures and insurance departments, identifying those that require product changes and filing action.

Companies also benefit from her reporting, through the online AAIS Advisory notices, on laws and regulations that do not require filing action but are related to forms, manuals, and statistical reporting.

Logan Grider, an attorney based in AAIS’s offices in suburban Chicago, is the principal person who revises policy provisions  to reflect state-specific requirements.

Logan also conducts legal research and presents legal arguments to insurance departments, citing statutes and rulings to make the case for certain interpretations.

Jane Chlapaty, supervisor of filings, leads a team of product compliance specialists who manage thousands of state filings each year.

Their expertise and accessibility provide critical support to insurers in adopting and implementing AAIS programs. Among other things, they provide:

Countrywide filing of AAIS programs on behalf of companies that grant AAIS filing authorization. This service encompasses multistate forms and endorsements, amendatory and other state-specific forms and endorsements, plus multistate and state-specific manual rules and rating information.

Regular updates to the AAIS Compliance Guide, a comprehensive resource of rate and form filing requirements by state, plus other product-related compliance information. This resource, provided free of additional charge to all insurers that use one or more AAIS programs, is especially valuable for companies that choose to adopt new forms and manuals at their own pace, or who want to file modifications of AAIS programs on their own.

Consultation with companies about the process of adopting an AAIS program.

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