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Truman Esmond, vice president of customer engagment

"Our role in the customer engagement team is to provide you with faster access to the right information, tools, services, and programs to realize your goals.

"A key to customer engagement is that our programs have to be easy for you to use.

"We want to minimize the effort it takes for you to adopt our programs and help you realize returns on your affiliation as soon as possible. We strive to do this by understanding your operations and applying the right expertise and tools so you can leverage our programs to your best advantage.

"Our mission is to improve your operational efficiency and profitability, and to be a partner in helping you meet your growth goals by making your products more attractive and easy to manage.

"This is a realignment of strategic importance to AAIS and our member companies."

Truman came to AAIS in 2012 from Red Door Interactive, a firm that specializes in development of marketing communications across digital and traditional media.

Truman served as managing director and director of quality and continuous improvement at Red Door, after that firm acquired Breckenridge Communications, an applications development company Esmond founded and led for 12 years.

Truman is a graduate of Colorado State University in Fort Collins, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing.

Some insurers think it is daunting to convert a product line from one program base to another.

It doesn't have to be, however. With AAIS, you will be assisted by a team of specialists prepared to help you with the details of adoption.

Kelly Grandy, our director of member relations, will welcome you “on board” and become your principal point of contact at AAIS.

Among other things, Kelly will work with you to determine your “election of services” (forms, manuals, and/or statistical reporting) and whether your company will have AAIS file forms and manuals on its behalf.

After that, Kelly will immediately set you up with access to AAISdirect, our online repository of forms, manuals, program bulletins, and other information, including data sets in Microsoft Excel and XML format that make it easy to import rating information into company systems.

On AAISdirect, you will also find our Compliance Guide, a comprehensive source of state rules related to rate and form filings. In the Compliance Guide, your company will find the information it needs to notify state departments of insurance regarding your company’s use of an AAIS program.


If your company prefers to have AAIS process notifications to states, or do any custom filing work, Kelly will refer you to Jane Chlapaty, supervisor of filings.

Jane will consult with you on the size and scope of the project, develop a quote to cover essential expenses, and manage the project through to completion.

If you want to customize AAIS forms and/or rating information for your company’s unique needs, you will be referred to one of our product managers and/or actuarial analysts. Whatever you choose, you will get direct access to specialists who develop
and maintain the very programs your company is seeking to customize.


Insurance companies seeking more information on AAIS products and services can contact membership@aaisonline.com, by completing our contact form or by calling 800.564.AAIS x3289.
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