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Data Architect


The Data Architect is responsible for translating business requirements into technology requirements by defining data standards and principles in support of organizational priorities and strategic goals. This position will outline high-level integrated designs in pursuit of data transformation through a variety of technical specifications such as data streams, integrations, databases, and data warehouses.


  • Collaborate and self-manage projects under the leadership and strategic direction of the Data Solutions team to support AAIS’s data strategy.
  • Facilitate the highest levels of efficiencies for all AAIS data users by understanding their business processes and organizational impact, and applying the best data engineering strategies to their needs.
  • Develop and maintain robust data architectures by designing systems that integrate data from various sources into a unified and accurate golden record. Implement data transformational processes using tools such as AWS Glue and enhance data systems by applying best practices in data modeling.
  • Partner with multiple departments, stakeholders, partners, and/or external vendors to coordinate needs and requirements.
  • Identify and define reference architecture as a pattern others can follow to create and improve data systems.
  • Design and implement automation to collect, process, integrate, and analyze highly complex insurance experiences and real-world data using industry best practices.
  • Establish and enforce data governance policies and procedures to ensure data quality, integrity, security, and compliance.
  • Serve as an expert for data modeling and data mining tools.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of data mining best practices and tooling. 

Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

  • Ability to quickly become an expert on AAIS’s data and industry position to achieve results and execute business priorities.   
  • Proficiency in database management and query languages, with a strong understanding of ETL processes and tools like AWS Glue. Familiarity with other AWS services such as Lambda, S3, and Redshift is a plus.
  • Proficiency in data modeling techniques and best practices for designing robust data architectures. Ability to integrate data from disparate sources and create a unified master record, ensuring data consistency and accuracy. Experience with mastering data and maintaining golden records to support business operations and analytics.
  • Understanding of modern Master Data Management Concepts, Governance, and Data Quality approaches, tools, techniques, vendor landscape, and best practices to ensure data accuracy, consistency, and reliability.
  • Excellent communication skills to interact with stakeholders at various levels across the business.
  • Demonstrated problem-solving skills with an aptitude for identifying problems, diagnosing root causes, and developing effective solutions.
  • Ability to effectively manage change within an organization, especially in the context of data processes and culture.
  • Ability to work effectively in team-based environments with multiple functional groups and lead cross-collaborative efforts.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems, Computer Science, Engineering, Business, or other Data Engineering related field.
  • 5+ years of development experience in one or more Data Warehousing, Data Integration tools/languages, and various Business Intelligence/Data Mining/Presentation Layer tools (reports, statistical analysis, dashboards, etc.).
  • Extensive understanding of database systems, hardware, and programming languages.
  • Minimum travel is required for annual all-company gatherings.

To Apply: Please email your resume and cover letter to Krissy Hensley, HR Director, at krissyh@AAISonline.com.