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Homeowners Program 

Two manuals are available under the AAIS Homeowners Program; choose one or the other, with or without a forms affiliation:

Both rating plans include features that demonstrate the breadth and depth of AAIS data resources and actuarial expertise:

  • Loss costs based on a large volume of countrywide data;
  • Integration of modeled catastrophe data;
  • ZIP Code-based territorial definitions where permitted;
  • Separate wind-hail deductibles;
  • A loss experience rating plan;
  • New home and age of systems credits; and
  • Enhanced earthquake rating plan.
The AAIS Homeowners Program has all the components you need in a standardized product base, including some you won’t get from other providers.

The forms are crafted with clarity and exacting precision to address emerging exposures, recent court cases, and trends in claims. The forms program includes:

  • Seven base coverage forms: basic, broad, special, contents (renters), special building and contents, unit-owners, and limited perils;
  • A variety of loss settlement options (actual cash value, replacement cost for personal property, modified replacement cost, and functional replacement cost);
  • Endorsements for excluding coverage for canines, lead, pollutants, punitive and exemplary damages, and other causes of liability loss;
  • Endorsements for limiting losses due to fungi (mold); and
  • More than 75 other optional endorsements, plus all necessary state amendatory endorsements.

Our product specialists constantly scan the horizon for emerging exposures, court rulings, product innovations, and market trends that require clarification or modification of coverage terms.

As a result, the AAIS Homeowners forms frequently lead the industry with important innovations, including:

  • The industry’s first standardized endorsement options for adding equipment breakdown coverage to a homeowners policy;
  • Policy language clarifying the extent of coverage for personal injury arising from e-mail, blogs, and other forms of electronic communication;
  • Built-in coverages for association insurance deductibles, and liquid fuel remediation; and
  • Important refinements to provisions addressing water-related losses, business activities, motorized vehicles and other changing exposures.

Mobile-Homeowners Program

The AAIS Mobile-Homeowners Program utilizes the latest AAIS Homeowners base forms as the mobile home base forms, and provides a multistate mandatory endorsement for modifying the base forms for mobile homes.

Among other things, the multistate amendatory endorsement:

  • Establishes equivalent coverage whether the insured owns or leases the land where the insured mobile home is located;
  • Extends the dwelling coverage grant to permanently installed additions, utility tanks, appliances, carpets, and certain other fixtures;
  • Extends emergency removal coverage to pay for towing the home to protect it from an insured peril;
  • Excludes coverage for loss resulting from collision, upset, sinking, or stranding while the insured home is being transported; and
  • Amends the mortgage clause to include "secured party" within the meaning of mortgagee.

The latest revision of this program includes built-in replacement cost loss settlement for insured structures; an endorsement option is available to substitute actual cash value settlement.

The MHO manual provides base loss costs for a basic liability limit of $100,000. For higher or lower liability limits, rating factors are provided.

Manual rules and rating information are also provided to address coverages for association deductibles, residents of assisted living facilities, students living away from the insured residence, water backup, sump pump discharge or overflow, and equipment breakdown.

 Insurance companies seeking more information on AAIS products and services can contact Rick Maka, director of marketing and strategic alliances, at our contact form, or by calling 800-564-AAIS, ext. 3222.

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