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Personal Umbrella Program

Personal Umbrella Program

This ready-made program allows companies to write personal umbrella liability coverage over an AAIS-based homeowners policy and any underlying auto, watercraft, or other type of  personal liability coverage. This program provides

  • A base form;
  • 22 multistate endorsement options;
  • State amendatory endorsements;
  • A sample manual;
  • Sample declarations; and
  • A sample schedule of underlying insurance.

The forms and endorsements are filed on a multistate basis on behalf of program affiliates.

Demonstrating AAIS’s attention to detail, the personal umbrella base form includes several provisions designed to limit an umbrella carrier’s exposure. These include, among others:

  • An aggregate limit on coverage that is subject to an aggregate limit in underlying insurance. This avoids having the umbrella policy limits apply on a per occurrence basis when underlying coverage is capped by an aggregate limit.
  • An exclusion of coverage for bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury arising out of “electronic aggression,” drafted in the light of growing concern over “cyber-bullying.”

Among other things, the program’s endorsements address business and farm activities, and provide exclusions for designated premises, drivers, vehicles, watercraft, and more. Among the new endorsements recently added are the following:

  • An option to provide “drop down” coverage for bodily injury or property damage arising from use of a non-owned recreational vehicle;
  • An option to provide excess auto liability coverage for use of certain vehicles outside the U.S. and Canada; and
  • Two options for excluding coverage for claims arising from canines.

 Insurance companies seeking more information on AAIS products and services can contact Rick Maka, director of marketing and strategic alliances, at our contact form , or by calling 800-564-AAIS, ext. 3222.

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