Our Tailored Advisory Solutions

Our Tailored Advisory Solutions

AAIS advisory programs are based on ‘Best in Class’ forms, rules, and loss costs. Through a collaborative approach, we develop and deliver customized solutions for each of our Members…never prescribed or pre-packaged.

Members are empowered by the confidence and flexibility AAIS programs provide. Our forms and rates can be tailored to target customers and become the foundation for quality underwriting, differentiation, and a competitive advantage. 

Stride Ahead with Innovative Program Delivery

Stride Forward with Innovative Program Delivery

AAIS surrounds traditional advisory programs with extensive industry expertise, enabling technologies, and dedicated services that promote efficiency and deliver “speed to market.” From web-enabled underwriting tools and applications to the latest methods and processes for product management and on-boarding, AAIS exemplifies a truly modern organization. 

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And now, Stride Insurance Solutions can integrate the traditional advisory offerings and infrastructure of AAIS with advanced insurance technologies and technical support for customized online program solutions only AAIS can deliver.

Superior Service...A Hallmark of AAIS

Superior Service...A Hallmark of AAIS

Since 1936, AAIS has served the Property & Casualty insurance industry as the only national nonprofit advisory organization governed by its member companies. AAIS serves as intermediary between regulators and insurance carriers, filing forms and rates and serving as a statistical reporting bureau. We are committed to evolving with changes in the insurance industry, adding value to our Members, regulators and the industry as a whole.

Partners in Comprehensive Program Development

Partners in Comprehensive Program Development

AAIS complements its top-shelf advisory products and services with related offerings made available through special arrangements with Associate and Alliance Partners, including data and technology providers, reinsurers, reinsurance brokers and other providers that support improved underwriting and portfolio management.

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Michigan Issues Realized Savings Filing Requirements to Comply With MCL 500.2111f(8)

Michigan Issues Realized Savings Filing Requirements to Comply With MCL 500.2111f(8)


On May 12, 2022 the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services issued an email regarding Realized Savings Filing Requirements in order to comply with MCL 500.2111f(8). Companies writing personal automobile insurance in this state must submit a filing demonstrating how they are passing along the savings realized from the application of MCL 500.3157(2)-(12). SERFF has been updated as follows:

Updated SERFF Exhibits – The following exhibits are required for all rate filings and will be updated as follows.

  • PIP Rate Reduction Exhibit – 2111f(2) – The file name has been changed to reference 2111f(2) and the instructions have been updated in SERFF and in the exhibit to include the following:
    • Savings realized pursuant to MCL 500.2111f(8) must be excluded from the 2111f(2) savings in this exhibit. 
  • P&C Checklist Exhibit – The checklist has been updated to include the following attestation:
    • I attest that that the reported savings realized as required by MCL 500.2111f(8) have been excluded from the 2111f(2) savings in the PIP Rate Reduction Exhibit attached to this filing.

Insurer groups are required to demonstrate compliance with MCL 500.2111f(8) for each company. If an insurance group experiences a shift in policyholders between affiliated companies (e.g. book transfers), companies may wish to determine the realized savings at the group level and allocate the savings to individual companies based on the current distribution of policyholders by company.

New companies without affiliates that do not have realized savings on accidents that occurred prior to July 2, 2021 must demonstrate that there are no savings by completing the required exhibit and providing an explanation of why there are no savings realized.

This requirement must be satisfied with every rate filing submitted after July 1, 2022, pursuant to MCL 500.2111(8). If the company is submitting an updated analysis from a previously approved filing and the analysis demonstrates that a change is not warranted, the filing must be accompanied by the attestation above, along with the name and title of the person providing the attestation.

The initial rate filing must be submitted no sooner than July 2, 2022 and no later than September 9, 2022. In accordance with MCL 500.2108(6), the effective date of the filing listed in SERFF must be at least 90 days from the date the filing is submitted. Companies may request an effective date earlier than the end of the waiting period by making this request in writing in the filing memorandum. In no event shall the initial rate filing mentioned above be effective after January 1, 2023. 

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