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Litigation Tracking (Business Interruption)


AAIS COVID-19 Litigation Tracking Dashboard is organized into various sections of interest represented as cards. It is designed to be interactive so a user can hone in on specific areas of interest.  For example,


  • select a single or multiple bars or pie slices to filter the information down to what is of concern. 
  • select a state, region, or group of states within the map by choosing the map selector on the top left corner of the map. 
  • choose a range of filing dates in the upper right 
  • use the collapsible side panel to find specific case(s) by searching on the jurisdiction, case number, plaintiff(s), defendant(s), court(s), and/or judge(s).


To clear filtered selections, refresh the page or click within a blank space on any of the cards. For the side panel selectors, click on the selected value in the drop-down list again to deselect.

The dashboard is continually being updated by the AAIS legal team as COVID-19 issues develop nationally. Visit the AAIS COVID-19 PANDEMIC RESOURCE CENTER for more information.



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