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Jarus Technologies

Jarus Technologies accelerates the digital transformation of business processes by leveraging a modular approach towards system architecture. The Jarus Policy Admin System™ provides insurers the ability to rapidly introduce new products while minimizing maintenance efforts. Jarus Policy Admin System can automate workflows, reduce process latency, and lower overall operational costs.

With Jarus’s modular architecture, insurers may elect which portions of the Jarus Policy Admin System are implemented and when. This includes but is not limited to the Jarus Underwriting Workbench, Rules Engine, Rating Engine, Micro-services Framework, BI / Analytics solution, or the Jarus Digital Experience Platform™ (DXP).

All Jarus solutions are purpose-built to support low code / no code configuration requests and allow for the insurer’s resources to easily maintain, introduce, and configure any product/LOB using the Jarus Product Configurator.

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