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Statistical Data Management

Shared statistical data at the transaction level is the lifeblood of nearly every P&C insurer and the foundation of a competitive insurance market.

AAIS helps its stat reporting affiliates in multiple ways:

Unit transaction statistical reporting is enabled by our AAIS Statistical Data Management Application (SDMA) solution. This online application, available through the AAISdirect web portal, allows users to upload statistical data through a web browser and edit it before making a final submission.

Serving With a Cooperative Approach

AAIS stands out as having the statistical reporting service that helps you meet your regulatory statistical reporting obligations and the ratemaking needs of insurers. For decades, AAIS has been a licensed statistical agent in 51 jurisdictions, maintaining property, general liability, and automobile statistical plans that allow companies to meet regulatory reporting requirements with confidence. Our statistical reporting services are free of charge to companies for their AAIS program affiliations (forms, manual rules, and rating info). Beyond that, AAIS collects the unit transaction data needed to support loss cost development and ratemaking activities for personal, commercial, and agricultural lines of business.

Using this tool:

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