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About AAIS

Founded in 1936, the American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS) has evolved into the modern insurance advisory community for the Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance market. As the only not-for-profit advisor, we are governed by our Members and focus entirely on delivering solutions that cultivate their growth and success.

Members across the nation choose us for quality forms, manuals, and more. AAIS solutions are powered by our Data & Actuarial Team and regulated by our Government Affairs, Legal & Compliance (GLC) experts. Built on a foundation of strategic products and superior quality service, AAIS continues to honor the longstanding commitment to Members and the insurance industry.

  • 1936

    AAIS originates as an unincorporated association called The Mutual Marine Conference

  • 1947

    The Mutual Marine Conference becomes Transportation Insurance Rating Bureau (TIRB)

  • 1975

    TIRB becomes American Association of Insurance Services

  • 1984

    AAIS creates the Illinois not-for-profit corporation

  • 2018

    CannaBOP filed and approved in California

  • 2018

    openIDL platform is launched

  • 2021

    AAIS introduces All Access Membership

Our Role in Insurance

For decades, AAIS has been a licensed statistical agent in 51 jurisdictions, collecting data that helps Members meet regulatory statistical reporting responsibilities. AAIS also serves as an intermediary between carriers and insurance regulators. After over 80 years, AAIS remains committed to evolving with changes in the insurance industry and delivering true value to Members, regulators, and the industry as a whole.

What Does Member-Focused Mean?

Without our Members, AAIS simply does not exist. Our number one priority is their success. Member-focused embodies delivering innovative, modern insurance products, services, and technology. This strategic approach positions Members to achieve measurable results and sustainable growth.

What is an Insurance Advisory?

An insurance advisory is any entity controlled by two or more insurance organizations that help Members with ratemaking-related services, including products, services, and resources. They also function as a statistical agent, developing plans and collecting data from insurers. Regulators and the industry alike have relied on insurance advisories and statistical agents to set and evaluate rates for insurance products.

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