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Speed to Market (S2M) Toolkit

One of the biggest roadblocks our Member companies express is the ability to adopt new or update existing products easily and efficiently on their policy administration system (PAS). The AAIS Speed to Market (S2M) Toolkit aims to remove this roadblock for Member companies through the ease of implementing manual rules and rating information (relativities, factors, and loss costs) into a company’s PAS.

The S2M Toolkit provides these components in formats that can be easily digested and utilized by our Member companies and are an integrated complement to the complete and compliant AAIS manuals.

Together with AAIS Onboarding services, our S2M Toolkit tools are focused on alleviating the headache and stress of migrating to new and updated programs in current and new jurisdictions. 

The S2M Toolkit currently offers three robust tools: Product Models, Rate Tables, and Rating Examples. Each S2M Tool can be used on a standalone basis or in conjunction and complementary of each other. This allows the AAIS Community to use the tools from the S2M Toolkit as needed.

Fact Sheet

Product Models

Our S2M Toolkit includes various Product Models providing Members with a visual representation and conceptual model of an AAIS product including pertinent details regarding forms, endorsements, and rules.

S2M Mind Maps

The S2M Mind Maps are a visual representation of the Product Models described above.

S2M Technical Specifications

The S2M Technical Specifications are an electronic representation of the Product Models described above in system consumable formats.

S2M Rating Examples

S2M Rating Examples provide a step-by-step overview of basic and optional premium calculations using sample rating information for a typical, ‘countrywide’ risk.


S2M Rating & Data Tables

The S2M Rating & Data Tables are AAIS factors and relativities, loss costs, and territorial definitions from multistate and state manual pages in a digital format that can be easily consumed.

AAIS is committed to continually enhancing our S2M Toolkit with more tools as we develop new ways to increase our Members’ speed to market.

AAIS S2M Tools are provided through AAIS Onboarding services. Our Onboarding team will develop a Statement of Work (SOW) and verify that the requested materials are final and acceptable for distribution.

Your PDP Team

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