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The AAIS Auto program is designed to serve standard and non-standard segments of the market. It’s a comprehensive solution with the most current language available in the market today and a dynamic structure. The AAIS Personal Auto Program also provides a suite of over 50 optional endorsements.

In addition, AAIS provides Commercial Auto product solutions for Business, Motor Carrier, and Auto Dealers.

AAIS Auto Solutions Include

Auto Icon - Standard Auto

Standard Auto

Auto Icon - Non-Standard Auto

Non-Standard Auto

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Commercial Auto

Product Advisory Councils
AAIS is proud to provide a unique “Community of Trust” where insurance carriers, regulators, and valued partners can come together to share ideas, information, perspectives…and success. One way we ensure a space for open dialogue among AAIS Community members is through Product Advisory Councils, Executive Roundtables, and more. Find out more about AAIS Advisory Councils and how to get involved.
Learn More About the AAIS Community

Your Auto Team Leaders

All AAIS product and service team leaders are backed by a robust internal team of experts consisting of experienced data engineers, actuarial specialists, legal counsels, and much more. Contact a team leader to find out how to reach your full potential by leveraging all AAIS resources.

Discover how AAIS Auto Products deliver customized solutions that meet your needs!