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Chris Aufenthie

Chris is an accomplished professional in the field of insurance compliance and regulatory affairs. With a bachelor’s degree in economics from St. John’s University, Chris has dedicated over 15 years to the insurance industry, garnering expertise in compliance management and technology integration within the Property and Casualty sector.

Currently serving as the Manager of Filings and Compliance at AAIS, Chris oversees and ensures adherence to regulatory standards, leveraging a wealth of experience gained from both corporate and regulatory perspectives. Prior to joining AAIS, Chris served as a respected regulator in North Dakota, where he gained invaluable insights into the intricate workings of insurance compliance.

Chris’s passion lies in navigating the dynamic landscape of insurance regulations, utilizing his specialized knowledge to streamline processes and enhance operational efficiency. His extensive experience, coupled with a keen understanding of emerging technologies, enables him to effectively navigate complex compliance challenges while driving innovation within the industry.